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What looks like Crazy on an ordinary day

What looks like crazy on an ordinary day:  It an African American Woman Literature Breaking new ground of a playwriter  With the debut of a novel that makes you crackle and laugh of life, move the reader into crackling into tears.  It is a beautiful love story,  When into publication in November of 1998 by harper perennial when the first edition was printed in 1998.    A  Fiction novel, Pg. 244

After Decades of elegant pleasures with use living among the Atlanta Brothers and sister with the best of clothing and the biggest dreams.  Ava Lies Temporarily returned home to Idlewild, With her famous career and power plans smashed to bits by cold reality.
She images it was the end instead of the beginning.  IN the ten plus years, Ava left all the problems of a big city behind.  It came to a roost in the sleepy North Michigan community. With the Ordinances  once drove her away and family who sorely need her in the faces that bring up a lot of  troubles and tragedy, 
One unthinkable thing, the u…
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Get Organized without Losing it

Your teacher continues to ask you why didn't you turn in your Homework?  The excuss is that I couldn't find it or the dog had eaten it for dinner.  The biggest one is my sister decided to make it her artwork?  So when you confront him, with this question, Why didn't you turn in your homework? 
The answer was given I couldn't find it.  I don't know where I put it.  I can not find anything in my backpack.  So I ask him, Why don't you organize your backpack? His response was I don't know how?  Have no clue where to start?

When I handed this book to him called Get Organized Without Losing it.    It was so cute to read even an adult can learn a few things from it.   It is written in a way that your child can understand the steps, learning the basic steps on how to become organized.
It is full of ways you can do it in managing your desk, school locker, other messes your backpack brings.  It gives you the basic steps along with the tools to help you be organized, you…

Seeing what I am reading next

Everyone is wondering what is going to be the next book that I'm currently reading.  So I'm dedicating this post on which books I'm going to dedicating myself to reading.  
I dedicated me to publish an honest review of each book that I have read.

I thought of a fun way to teach your children how to be organized without losing the soul, Currently reading.
American List By Jeannine CumminsFinding more books to read, I would be updating my seeing what I am reading next.

Helping Bloggers find Their Inspiration To Write

your sitting at your computer staring at a blank screen.  The inspiration is not there and the motivation is no way to be found.   You have the words in your head, you know what your next blog post is going to be about.

Your having a little trouble getting the words from your head and put them on your computer screen.  In general you don't know when the inspiration is going to hit.  When it does,

Just write it down

If it is an idea for writing your next blog post,   Or you want to just write the introduction for your blog post.   Or creating ideas to document on your editorial calendar.

Discovering that you have so many topics that you want to write about,  The deepest thing inside of you that inspires you to write from a different perspective.  As a writer, a blogger we are capable to do this.  Yes you can.

Finding your passion:

Finding topics that you are passionate about, set your soul on fire, and attracts you in the right situation or circumstances for success.   People that…

How I wanted to quit blogging

quit blogging

There were many times I wanted to walk away from blogging.  I found out with this process that I wasn't organizing that I thought.  I really didn't have a system in place before I began, Just jumped in,  I was finding that my time was limited.  Making a schedule was kind of difficult for me to do.
With everything that I had to do within my day, blogging was only one hour a day before I had to return to work for the afternoon side.   I had a little time right after dinner, to write some amazing continue for my next blog post.  
I found myself starting to get overwhelmed with everything that I had to do with my blog,  It would be days on not sitting down at my computer writing, promoting my blog,  Beable tweet out any of my new blog posts on social media.  
I wanted it all, to be a professional blogger, I wanted my blog to work for me.  Without me putting any work into it.  But I realize that is not the cause, I was noticing that traffic was falling a lot,  I wasn'…

A Tale of two cities

A tale of two cities: With those famous words worst of time and the best of times.  It went into publication in 2003 by Barnes & Noble Classics Pgs.426  Biographical events of the classic notes of the French Revolution.  Western literature.

The majority of his work was contemporary but mostly was written in the western literature style that has guided his reader through the summary of the background, and the critical analysis.  He was written everything in the same format, the style behind the author's biography Was the stories behind the stories.
With the ensigns of various critics.  The bibliography of notes and works of the deals of the cities.  As he Plunges his readers into one of history's most explosive ara's the French Revolution.  From the storms of the Bastille to the relentless drop of the guillotine.  
Dickens captured the terror and the upheaval and all the tumultuous in that period.  In the middle of the novel's hero's Sydney Carton was a lazy, alcoh…

A Missing Girl

Dear Diary:

Finding the missing girl in the middle of the words.  To rescue her from the wild bears, that were in the trees of nowhere.   That frighten of the sound of their footsteps, coming towards her.  She wanted to find her mother, and tell her that she loved her in so many ways. 
But her mother was discovered facedown in the water of the St Paul's river.  As she stumbled on a dark secret of her family that she never knew.
Why didn't her aunt explain to her about the family secret?  As she was struggling with her memories, on top of things the family secret on top of everything else.
She wanted to escape from it all.  And keep running and running, and discover a new place to find the inner peace she wanted to discover in her life. To find the perfect relationship with her family in the way she was looking for.  

As she discovers a new relationship with her sister, husband, a troubled sister.  As her aunt has to keep an eye on her niece. As her mother's last words before he…